Weddings are a celebration of love. Once your special day is over, what remains are your dreams and memories of that magical day. Delight in the creative photography that Inspiring U Wedding Photographers in Egg Harbor City provide. Let our skilled photographers help you capture your special day with photographs that preserve your memories for years to come. Our photographers and videographers in Egg Harbor City uses only the finest quality equipment, methods and materials to create works of art that will be treasured by your family and friends.

One of the unique benefits provided by these Photographers is that many packages include negatives at no additional costs. Ownership of your negatives is not only more convenient but provides substantial savings on reprint costs.

Selecting the correct Egg Harbor City wedding photographer for your individual needs should be one of the most important decisions in the preparation of your wedding. There are many considerations to be dealt with, in addition to the cost.
Of course, one needs to work within a budget. So, let's start out by saying that it's difficult to pay too much for something you really like. Yet, the initial price is usually the one obstacle that prevents many couples from selecting the photographer who undoubtedly could give them the best value for their money.

Quite often the difference between the price of the photographer you really like and one who you feel is “within the budget” is miscalculated. When wedding plans come down to dollars and cents, it's hard to keep spending “a little more here... and a little more there.“ Somewhere along the line, you may feel, you have to give a little. There's only so much money available.

One can and should expect to get an estimate for the cost of wedding pictures on the telephone. At the same time, you should not expect to be given details about sizes and numbers, before sitting down with the photographer face to face. So, how much money should pictures cost? Prices can be as different as the time, talent and technique of the photographers being considered. Certainly, among competent photographers in highly competitive areas, or among photographers in their formative years, you can expect to begin at around a thousand dollars. Spending less than that would be a high-risk gamble, and not worth the “savings.”

Other photographers may begin somewhere around a thousand dollars and go upwards from there. A true specialist, one who has a reputation for consistently delivering the best, might begin at two or three times that amount. When considering the cost of a photographer, you really want to know the “final” price, more than the “asking” price. It may be good to ask the photographer's opinion as to how much do you think that it would cost you in order to get a complete coverage that would please you.

What Should I Look For In A Wedding Photographer in Egg Harbor City ?
1. Experience - You need a photographer that have the experience to provide that pictures that you want.
2. Personality - You need to like the photographer involved in your wedding. A good rapport with your photographer and the ability to communicate is necessary for a successful wedding day.
3. Camera equipment - Ufra Photography uses only the highest quality professional equipment on the market today.
4. Flexibility - Photography adapts to our customers' needs and special requests.

How much do I need to spend to find a quality photographer?
An investment of $1000 to $3000 for photography should be expected. In this price range quality and service will be very high. These photographs are your memories to be cherished forever. Call about the costs for a Egg Harbor City videographer.
When Should I Start Looking For My Photographer?
This will depend on the month in which you choose to be married and the region you live in. As a general rule 10 to 15 months in advance will be required to obtain a quality, professional photographer.
Will the photographer take a lot of time after the wedding before we go to the reception?
At Weddings By Ufra Photography we can get 80% of our work done prior to your ceremony. This way we can take those candid photos you love to have while you enjoy the most precious moments with your family and friends.
Do I have to like my photographer?
Make sure you are able to meet and talk with your photographer prior to your wedding. He'll be with you all day long so there are many things you need to coordinate with him. Good communication is vital between photographer and client to ensure all your needs are met.