If you ask most newly married couples, they will tell you that their wedding day was one big, wonderful blur. That’s why it’s so very important to capture lasting memories, so the bride and groom can look back on their happy day time and time again, recalling all the special and intricate details of a very important milestone in their lives.

At Video, we pride ourselves in creating a work of art, capturing every wonderful aspect of your very important day. All of our videos are stylish, and tightly-edited, and encompass both storytelling and striking videography.

We meticulously record every aspect of the day, and our finished, 20 minute product will incorporate two different, yet distinct styles: a documentary style, which highlights all of the commemorative moments of the day – the wedding vows, the toasts to the happy couple, and any related conversations, just as you recall them unfolding throughout the day, and; a cinematic segment, allowing for both continuity and visual flair, set to beautiful theme music of your choice.

We believe it’s important to capture the subtle nuances and fluid movements of your wedding day that photographs can’t. A video is a priceless gift to any couple, because it encompasses those special moments, making memories last a lifetime, that you might otherwise forget.

Our videos are artfully crafted through “time shifting” editing, and provide you with a finished piece with a natural, organic aesthetic. It is our hope that your wedding video with be a cherished memento of one of the most important days of your life.

Who we are

Why Do We Need More Than Photography?

Videography is much more detailed in catching every moment of your wedding. The hired professionals will mingle among the crowd, getting every aspect of your day you want and other moments with your guests you may have missed. It will show details in motion of your glorious day.

What Is Your General Turnaround Time?

We know you are excited to see your wedding day videos, so we do our best to get them to you as soon as possible. Generally, you will have your wedding day videos within six to eight weeks.

What Type Of Equipment Is Used To Document Our Special Event?

Our company is always updating to the latest equipment to ensure the highest quality. The basics of our equipment include cameras, microphones, lighting, and stabilization. All of our equipment is discreetly packed away in bags to minimize any distraction.

How Far Will You Travel For A Client?

Our company will travel almost any distance for our clients. Weddings up to 49 miles from the business location in Orlando, Florida will not have an additional charge. Weddings 50 miles or more from the business location will have an additional charge including travel and lodging expenses.

What Other Services Are Offered By Your Company?

Our company is a full service company for your wedding, but we also have background in the television industry. Our company is also fully qualified to document other life milestone events such as a Barmitzvah’s, Batmitzvah’s and Quincenras.

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