Well, with your input, I’m sure we can come up with 101 great ways to reuse that wonderful little film canister! Be sure to label them with paper tape to keep track of what’s inside!
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while travelling…
• coins & folded bills (one for each currency)
• vitamins
• baby oil
• aspirin or other pain relievers
• prescription drugs
• ear plugs
• jewelry
• salt
• pepper
• other herbs
• breath mints
• sewing needles
• safety pin
emergency supply of:
• shampoo
• conditioner
• liquid soap
• hand lotion
• suntan lotion • and at home…
• holder for cotton swabs
• tiny vase for tiny flowers
• container to discard razor blades or exacto knife blades safely
• broken jewelry (until you can get around to having it repaired)
• buttons ( that may never get sewn back on, but you need to keep them. Only you know why.)